Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday at the Kindergarten

Hey, haven't done much since my last update. Just wanted to share some pics and video of a birthday party at the kindergarten. It was a lot of fun. Made me miss my nieces. I hope this finds you all well.

Today is a korban byram (sorry if I misspell that) which is a 4 day celebration. It should be a lot of fun. Especially, since we have a band new mosque. I should have people from all over the region coming to take a look at it. It is going to be really exciting. Well, after that it is time to prepare for Thanksgiving. Then I have IST (In-Service Training). After IST I get to go to learn how to weave carpets...actually how to host a carpet weaving and then take that info back to my town and hopefully start a similar activity there. So, I get to be gone from the 25th of Nov. until the the 6th of Dec...crazy. Just plain crazy.

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