Thursday, April 29, 2010

It is that time again

Whew, busy couple of days. I have begun the “Great Purge” which has gone surprisingly fast yet painfully slow. I have finished with part I which was clothes and misc. shit. I got most of my clothes to fit in a single suitcase right now. That picture is all the clothes I have. I did not realize how many shirts I had acquired over the years. I am still going to have my tux and suit and things hanging in the closet but seriously. One suitcase to live off of for 27 months...and I still need to narrow that down. Part II will begin, probably later tonight, which is my books...sweet dear God I have so many books. I began this a little yesterday by throwing out about 2 years worth of literature reviews and research files which kind of killed a small part of my heart. I looked through them and remembered all of the late nights of reading, and searching for more and more information, and then I dumped 2 years of work into the recycling bin. But I have to remember that I still have all of my papers on my computer and therefore can retrace all of my research again if the time comes. Part III will be organizing my CDs and DVDs which will be ever worse than dealing with my books. Organizing and sorting all of my CDs and DVDs will probably take me an entire day. No Joke. It is ridiculous. I will post pictures when I get them.

I have been busy packing and throwing stuff out and hanging out with family that I haven't had much time to work on my Bulgarian. I really need to get on that. It seems that people are starting their final countdown but I find myself too busy to begin to think about it in that light. I still need to talk to the cell phone company, sign my car over to my brother, sign my the power of attorney papers, get insurance on my stuff, go over financial obligations with my folks, and a bunch of other stuff. WEEE! But who can really listen to me whine about such an awesome opportunity as this, huh? I mean seriously. I may be stressed but I am going to be living in another country having a once in a lifetime opportunity. THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Oh well. Off to get rid of more stuff. LATER!


  1. I had a nice fire with about 5 bankers boxes worth of grad school thesis notes/articles last year. Cathartic and depressing all at the same time.

    Good job skimming down the clothes to 1 suitcase. I couldn't do it and I am not a clothes hound like you :P

  2. I had the same issues with my books. They're in storage now but there were so many I wanted to take but, turns out, books are kinda heavy. I also had the same issues with not learning my Bulgarian with as much fervor as I promised myself I would a month ago but I decided it's more important to spend time with friend and family and decided that knowing the alphabet (which is all they require of us) is all I need right now. Good luck getting all that stuff done before we leave!